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Sponsors and Marketing Companies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much does it cost?
We are working on different pricing models that will factor in how many seats, whether fans will be hitting our websites to get their colors (and we receive advertising revenue), etc.

2. Can sponsors buy events directly from Arena Text & Graphics?
You can with the approval of the arena / stadium event managers.

3. What are the different ways for sponsors to get involved?

  • Cover all or a portion of our costs for the entire arena or stadium. We would expect that you get certain sections for your use or some other recognition.
  • Pay for just a few sections, or an area such as the end zone
  • Put a shirt, in a specific color, with your message, in each seat of your sections that the fans put on and wear around
  • Sponsor cash, gift certificate, or other prize to a randomly selected fans that are wearing the correct colored shirt(s).
  • Display your logo, company name, or slogan in text or graphics in the arena / stadium,
  • Some special graphics may require a colored shirt and hat that are not the team's normal colors. This is a great opportunity for a sponsor to provide free colored hats and shirts to people sitting in those seats that require them.

4. How does Arena Text & Graphics work with sponsors?
You can advertise with us. We have websites with a target audience of arena managers and we have websites with a target audience of fans. We also send out newsletters to both groups.

Reading through the parts of the websites for arena managers and fans will give you a more complete idea of how the three groups work together. We also suggest that you look at the samples to get some ideas of what you can do. Then use the contact webpage to contact us and we can discuss further.

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