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Sponsors and Marketing

Sponsors and marketing companies play an important role in sporting events. We appreciate your support in teaching our young men and women about teamwork, how to win and lose gracefully, the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

We would prefer for a sponsor to pay for a whole stadium or arena and put their logo, name, or slogan in one region of the stadium. Let the team decide what text and graphics are displayed in other parts of the stadium or arena.

However, our test marketing indicates that sponsors may only want to purchase certain sections - and not the entire arena. We can work in either way.

Either way, our companies must get the approval of the event (team) management. We originally sent all sponsors and marketing companies to the event (team) management to get their approval before working with us. But we are open to the best working relationships between sponsors, marketing companies, and event (team) management.

If a sponsor can display their logo, name, or slogan in the team's colors - then it is easy. If a sponsor wants their own colors to be used then the sponsor must give out free shirts and get people to wear the free shirts instead of their team's colors. Sponsors can either put a colored shirt on each seat or tell sections that they won a free shirt and to go to a certain place in the stadium to pick up their free shirt.

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Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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