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Sports & Sporting Events Samples

To the right are conceptual art samples to give you different ideas of what can be done in your favorite stadium. These sample stadiums and arenas range from a couple of thousand seats to over 100,000 seats. This concept works in most sports - football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and motorsports.

Arenas and stadiums with big square or rectangular sections are ideal.  Arenas or stadiums with a lot of small and irregular shaped sections are a challenge.  However, text and graphics can span several small and irregular shaped sections to make a nice image.

You can display most any text and graphics, in your colors, using your shirts. Silhouettes work best for graphics. You can easily reverse colors.  Patterns and shapes are also easily created. The more people you have making each letter or graphic - the higher the resolution and the better (smoother) it looks.

The actual photos you see on our website were done with only 64 people per letter plus 16 more for white space - 80 people per letter. Most letters look okay. Wide letters like "W" and "M" look distorted. The "O" looks a little thin. The "L" is too fat (we can fix that). Once you get up to around 150 people per letter, you have enough resolution that these distortions go away.

Customers often ask - what if everyone is not present or does not wear the right color? First, the more people you have per letter or graphic - the less it matters. Second, did you notice the mistakes in the samples we show below? For example, the blue "H" has someone wearing the wrong color. 

If you compare a perfect image next to a messed up image - it is easy to see the difference. But when all you have is a messed up image - the mind does amazing things to make sense of it. For example - do you remember this famous speech:

Four sroce and seevn yares ago our fhtears bouhgrt ftroh on tihs ctoinnnet, a new naoitn, ccnoeveid in Lbierty, and ddacieted to the poropisiton taht all men are caerted eauql.

What this suggests is that each letter does not have to be perfect for our minds to see the message. (In case you do not understand the significance of the previous paragraph - every word is messed up - but you can still read it.)

We do not know the exact answer to the question of - how messed up can the letters be? If the first and last letters are like 80 to 90 percent correct (80% of the people in those sections are present and wearing the correct color) - the middle letters may only need to be 50% correct. Or will it be readable if only 70% of all the characters are readable?

We think that for normal games - if 80% of the fans are present and wearing the right color - you can see the text and graphics. If you think it might be less than 80% of the fans - we can make the text and graphics larger to make it easier to discern.

Sports sporting events
Sports sporting events
Sports sporting events

Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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