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Fans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What am I supposed to do?
Your seat at the game is assigned a team color. You go to our website and enter in your seat(s). Our system returns your Game Day Color™ for each seat. You wear a shirt and hat of that color to the event.

2. How much does it cost?
Don't worry. We know what it costs to attend an event nowadays. The basic cost for our services is paid by the team. What it costs you is - you do what you already do - buy shirts and hats in your team's colors - and then wear them. For special effects, like lights at night games, we currently don't know what the costs will be or who will pay for them.

3. How do I know what color to wear to an event?

  1. Go to our website
  2. Select the state that the event will be held in
  3. Select the arena or stadium
  4. Select the event
  5. Select the section of the arena or stadium as printed on your ticket(s)
  6. Select the row of the section as printed on your ticket(s)
  7. Select the starting and ending seats as printed on your ticket(s)
Our system looks up the seats at that event and returns the Game Day Color™ of each seat to you. You can then print that information out.

4. How can I access your website?
Most computers that can browse the internet, including cell phones with an internet browser.

5. Do we sell the shirts and hats?
No. Our website has links to other online companies that sell shirts and hats and you can usually wait and buy the shirt and hat once you get to the arena or stadium.

6. Does the shirt have to be of that team?
No, all we care about is the color of the shirt and hat. However, you should support your team with an officially licensed shirt. Note you can still wear body paint - just make sure it is the right color.

7. I don't wear hats?
Although the arena / stadium display is better if everyone wears both a shirt and a hat - shirts only still works. Instead of a hat - what about a visor, bandana, or other headwear with the proper color? Even better - how about some of that wild, crazy, colored hair that is sold online - but in the proper color.

8. How do I know what I am spelling or showing?
That is part of the intrigue - you have to wait till you get to the event to find out.

9. What type of shirt? What about the rain or cold?
You can wear most any outer garment / apparel: t-shirt, poncho, sweatshirt, coat, jacket, vest, suit, blanket (wrapped around you), "snuggie", body paint, etc. If you do not have a hooded sweatshirt, poncho, or jacket - we also recommend a hat, cap, bandana (over your head), visor, or "crazy hair" that matches your color.

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