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Sports Fan Gameday Experience

We love how fans express themselves with body paint, costumes, the wave, signs, and in other ways. Our goal is to help fans express themselves - but on a much bigger scale - through collaboration.

We want sports fans to have a richer experience and be more involved with their teams.

We want to help you send messages as big as 100 feet tall and 300 feet long. Messages that are wider than the Great Wall of China and can be seen from space.

We want you to send your thanks to coaches, players that set records, senior players, your conference, division, and league. Think of the messages you can send to your opponents.

Since we sell our services to teams, we ask fans to contact their teams and tell them that they think this is a great idea.

Sports fan gameday experience
gameday experience Sports fan

Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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