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New idea gets fans more involved and improves their experience.

Arena Text & Graphics displays text and graphics throughout a stadium by coordinating what color of shirts fans wear to the game.

Card stunts require a lot of work, long lead time, and a huge mess.  Our concept is similar to card stunts except less work, cheaper and easy to implement for every game. Once your stadium or arena is configured in our system - you can change the text and graphics in minutes for each game.  The Game Day Color™ that each fan wears to the game is available immediately.

To add mystery and intrigue, fans only know their Game Day Color™ but not what will be displayed until they get to the game.

We suggest taking aerial, overhead and panoramic photos of the games for the fans to buy.

There are many ways to use our technology:

1. Fans spell their team names, mascots, cheers and slogans.  Display your team's logos all over the stadium.

2. Fans send messages to coaches like "THANKS COACH", "200 WINS!", "HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

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Events manager Promotions fan game day experience sports teams

3. Fans display a current player's number or name. If a player breaks a record - the next game you can spell out "JOHN SMITH 52", "35 TDS", "2000 YARDS”, etc.  Display an image of a player's jersey the full height of the stadium, including the player’s name and number.

4. When honoring senior players, previous players, coaches or other dignitaries - fans spell out their name in the stadium, honor them at halftime, take an aerial photo, give a framed picture to the honoree, and sell the poster to fans.

5. Fans display a corporate sponsor logo, name, or slogan.  If a team wants ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, or ESPN to televise their game – the fans can display the network logo in one area of the stadium or display their slogan like "SPORTS CENTER IS NEXT". The rest of the stadium/arena will be team messages and graphics.

Events manager Promotions sports teams fan game day experience

6. Do your fans want free shirts?  Do your sponsors want Live Logos™?  A sponsor like McDonalds can sponsor a game and display their “Golden Arches" logo in an area of the stadium by giving out free yellow shirts.  Fans get a free shirt plus other goodies.  The sponsor gets a Live Logo™ for marketing pictures and video plus tens of thousands of people walking around after the game with the sponsor's message on their shirt.

7. Sponsors give away cash prizes or gift certificates to randomly picked people wearing their correct Game Day Color™.

8. Fans spell out another team's name.  If one of your teams, or an area team, wins a championship - you can spell the teams name and year across one side of the stadium, honor the team at halftime, take aerial photos, give framed pictures to the team members being honored and sell posters to fans.

9. Special themes with graphics. For example, patriotic themes on July 4th or September 11th where you can show the American Flag, red, white or blue.  Military appreciation day. 

10. Coaches can send messages to the players like "FINISH".

I would love to hear your feedback.

Contact us to request samples of your team.

Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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