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New way to motivate, reward and recognize teams and players.

Arena Text & Graphics displays text and graphics throughout a stadium by coordinating what color of shirts fans wear to the game.

College teams should consult with their compliance department before implementing any of these suggestions. You can achieve a similar effect by displaying a high profile graduates name and number and asking your players - "do you want your name and number to one day be displayed?"

1. Fans can display current players’ numbers or names.  For example, if a player breaks a record - fans can spell out "JOHN SMITH 52", "35 TDS", "MVP", and "2000 YARDS".  

teams players Coaches reward motivate recognize
motivate recognize Coaches reward teams players
reward motivate recognize Coaches teams players

2. Fans can display an image of a player's jersey the full height of the stadium - including their number and name.

3. When honoring senior players, previous players, coaches or other dignitaries - fans can spell their names (and/or jersey numbers) around the stadium, take an aerial photo, present framed prints to them and sell posters to the fans.

4. Fans can display a corporate sponsor logo, name, or slogan.  For example, if a team wants ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, or ESPN to televise their game, they can offer to display their logo in one area of the stadium. The rest of the stadium can be filled with team related phrases.

motivate recognize reward players Coaches teams

5. Fans can spell out another team's name.  For example, if your gymnastics or volleyball team won the NCAA championship.  You could spell "GYMNASTICS" or "VOLLEYBALL" and the year across one side of the stadium, honor the team at halftime, take aerial photos, print posters, give framed prints to team members being honored and sell posters to the fans.

6. Fans can spell out messages to the visiting team like "BEAT SHARKS".

7. Fans can spell out the years of championships, trophies, titles, etc. 

8. If playing a rivalry game - fans can spell out the name of the trophy you are playing for.

9. Fans can spell out all the personal qualities and characteristics that you are trying to teach your players - like team work, honesty, dignity or hard work.

10. If coaches are trying to instill a concept into their team, like "FINISH", the coaches drill "FINISH" into the players heads all week.  When the players come out on the court, field, or ice to play the game - the fans - opposite the players bench - display the word "FINISH" where each letter fills up one section of the arena or stadium.  Words like "FINISH" can be 100 feet tall and 300 feet long.  Your players see your message during the entire game.  As you get to the end of the game - you point to the word "FINISH".
recognize players motivate reward Coaches teams

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