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New idea increases revenue and improves the fan's game day experience.

What's bigger and better than a JumboTron?  Your fans displaying text and graphics that cover your stadiums and arenas.

Arena Text & Graphics displays text and graphics throughout a stadium by coordinating what color of shirts fans wear to the game.

Here's the win-win-win situation.  Teams sell more merchandise (shirts, hats, jackets, ponchos, pictures and posters), fans get a richer experience, and sponsors get their message out.

Finance / accounting people love it because it has multiple revenue streams that generate $$$.

Gift shop, branding, licensing and merchandising people love it because it increases apparel and merchandise sales.

Game operations, fan experience, and alumni groups love it because it gets fans and alumni more involved and they have a better experience.

Stadium Arena Sports Team Event Managers
Arena Stadium Sports Event Team Managers

Coaches love it because they can send messages to their players to recognize, reward, and motivate.

Corporate sales people love it because it gives corporate sponsors an inventory bigger than a JumboTron that lasts for hours instead of some 15 to 30 second advertisement. Sponsors can photograph and video tape their Live Logo™ that they can use in future marketing.

Corporate sponsors pay your team to give away gift certificates and prizes to fans wearing their correct Game Day Color™.

When sponsors give away free shirts to fans - fans get a free shirt - sponsors get thousands of mini billboards spreading out all over the state.

Fans love creating text and graphics using the shirts and hats they buy from you.  Messages 100 feet tall and 300 feet long - spanning the entire arena or stadium.  Fans will buy aerial, overhead, and panoramic pictures you sell as prints and posters. 

I would love to hear your feedback.

Contact us to request samples of your team.

Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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