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Arena Managers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much does it cost?
Pricing is one of the reasons we are doing this test marketing - to find out what it is worth.

  1. We know that fans are tapped enough already, so we want to keep the price less than one dollar per seat in the arena or stadium. So our question is - what is it worth to the fans?
  2. How many more fans will our technology pull into events?
  3. How much does our technology increase apparel sales back to the organization running the event? Shirts? Ponchos? Sweatshirts? Coats and jackets? Hats and visors?
  4. What does it cost and what is required to perform existing card stunts?
  5. How much revenue can an arena or stadium generate from sales from aerial photos and posters?
  6. How much will corporate sponsors be willing to pay? If it was a huge televised game - would a corporate sponsor be willing to pay less than $1 per seat for their company name or logo to be shown in one part of the stadium and get aerial photos?
  7. How much of the arena is used?
This is one of the factors that we will try to evaluate using our surveys and monitoring the demand. We're trying to find that sweet spot that is a win-win-win-win for arenas, fans, sponsors, and us.

2. Do I have to sign up for a whole season or just one game?
You can sign up for just one game.

3. Do you offer discounts?
Yes, if you sign up the entire arena/stadium for the whole season, we offer a 20% discount.

4. When do we have to pay?
Just like the fans attending your event - you have to pay before we publish an event on our websites. We recommend that you publish your events on our websites at least a few weeks before your event occurs so that you can tell your fans to go to our website, "the word gets out", your fans have time to figure out how things work, get their assigned color(s), and hats and shirts.

5. Is there a setup cost?
No. We configure your arenas and stadiums and generate text and graphics for free. Fans can't see their colors until you have paid for the event and published text and graphics for the event.

6. How hard is it to setup?
Depends on the arena or stadium. Since many sections in stadiums are similar - we have "copy" functionality built in. If most of the sections in your stadium are identical - it could take minutes to configure a large stadium. If most of the sections in your stadium are different then it might take hours. The steps are:

  1. Specify the name of the arena or stadium you want to configure. Also specify the address, city, and state of the arena or stadium.
  2. Specify a configuration - like football, basketball, hockey, concert. We create one configuration and can then copy it and remove sections for other configurations.
  3. Specify the different regions of the arena or stadium. For example: Visitor side, lower level. East side, upper level. North End zone. etc.
  4. Create the first section in the arena region.
  5. Copy that section to all other sections that are similar
  6. Repeat creating sections and copying for each different section

7. What types of tools do you have to decorate the arenas and stadiums?

  1. Solid colors
  2. Patterns
  3. Text
  4. Graphics
  5. Image resizing and resampling

8. How hard is it to generate text?
Very simple. We pick the region of the stadium (for example: visitors side, upper level). A list of sections in that region are listed. We select the sections to use for text. Enter one or two lines of text, and click the button. The text is generated and a graphical representation of how it will look in the stadium is shown. It is so quick - users usually generate a bunch of different layouts to see what combination of text, colors, spacing they like best.

9. How hard is it to generate simple graphics?
Simple graphics are easy. We (1) resize the graphic (2) resample the graphic in your school colors (3) lay the graphic out in sections of the stadium. We have these three tools online in our software.

10. How hard is it to generate more complex graphics?
That depends on the graphic and the stadium. First, we do not recommend a small, detailed graphic. What works best is large silhouettes. We can have an on-line meeting with your graphics team to discuss what works best. Once we generate complex graphics for your stadium, we can reuse those images as often as you want.  Reusing them in future events is very simple. You can easily move the graphics around the stadium to similar sections. 

11. What if we have different arena / stadium configurations? For example, concerts in a football arena or hockey and basketball in the same arena?
We create different configurations for each arena. For example, we might create the stadium for football first, and then copy that configuration to concerts. Then we delete or modify the sections that change for concerts. This is also good for smaller schools that use portions of a huge arena/stadium. We configure the portion of the arena/stadium you use.

12. What effects how well your technology works?

  1. How full is the section? Full sections are better than empty sections. Some teams with half empty stadiums may only get lower levels to work or "corral" fans into sections to make the sections full.
  2. What percentage of the people in the section wear the color they are suppose to? The higher the compliance rate - the better. We think that there will be a lot of peer pressure to get fans to comply.
  3. How large is the text / graphic? The larger the better.
  4. How much detail is in the graphic? Simple graphics with less detail are better. Silhouettes are better than detailed images. Large graphics can use both lower and upper decks and wrap around the stadium to show more detail.
  5. The configuration of the stadium. Stadiums with fewer, larger, more symmetrical, simple sections do better.

13. Can we test the system?
If you want to test the system on your arenas and stadiums - we can configure your arenas and stadiums and generate text and graphics. When we generate text or graphics our system will generate an image of what it will look like in your arena / stadium. We also can try it out on just a few sections. You do not have to do the entire arena.

14. How are fans notified of what color to wear?
After you pay for an event, we publish the text and graphics for the event to our web servers. Fans can go to our websites and lookup the color for each seat. We call this - fans "pull" data from our servers.

15. Are there other options for notifying fans of their colors?
For an additional charge we can provide many different ways to "push" data from our servers to fans. Email, automated phone calls, text messages, Twitter, etc.  This requires that you give us each ticket holder's seat information and email or phone number.  We do send advertising along with our notifications, but we won't release the information to any other companies, or spam your fans (send the information more than once or twice per event - however often you specify). There may be an additional charge per contact. You can also have someone at your ticket office with a computer browser that can look up colors for callers.

16. What hardware or software do we have to install or maintain (what is required)?
None. All the software runs on our servers and is accessed over the internet. We use Microsoft technologies to minimize any compatibility issues. All you need is a regular computer and internet browser that most people already have.

17. What hardware or software can we install to increase effectiveness and apparel sales (what is optional)?
An excellent idea would be that you have simple, freestanding or table top computers (kiosks), located where you sell shirts and hats. For example, something like this. You limit Internet Explorer to only browse our website by setting "Approved sites". Fans can quickly and easily look up their colors and then buy them from you. These computers will require power and an internet connection. For a fee we can load your apparel in their color for them to view.  Or it is not difficult code for your coders to add. If you publish events ahead of time, your fans can look up their colors for future games and go ahead and look at shirts and jackets while in your store.

18. What else can we do to increase merchandise sales (what is optional)?
One of the best selling pictures and posters in Jacksonville, FL is of an aerial photo taken at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium with "Jacksonville Jaguars" spelled out. We suggest that you hire an aerial, overhead or panoramic photographer to take pictures of the text and graphics in your stadium. Our understanding is that it only costs about $1,000 or so. First, fans in the picture want a photo of them at the game with a little text and arrow that shows "I AM HERE". Second, we estimated the same number of your fans will want to buy a picture because it is cool. Third what better way to show your appreciation to players, coaches, alumni, and other honorees than to spell their name, take an aerial photo, and present that photo to the person?

19. Who can specify the text and graphics for our event?
We only let the arena / stadium / team managers specify the text and graphics for their events. We direct interested third parties (sponsors) to you and want them to work through you.

20. What are arena and stadium obligations as far as federal, state, county, city, and other local taxes and fees?
We are trying to provide a low cost service to arenas and stadiums around the world. Unfortunately, we can't setup a new (or "foreign") business in every state and country for each game. It would probably double or triple our costs, which would be passed on to you. Most arenas and stadiums already have tax deals with the states, counties, and local governments. Therefore we require arenas and stadiums to be responsible for all federal, state, county, local and other taxes, penalties, interest, and other expenses related to our transactions. You are also responsible for all licensing and other fees (if any).

21. Instead of hosting the data at Arena Text & Graphics - can the arena host the website, on their own computers, where fans look up their colors?
Everything is negotiable. Problem is we make money by selling advertising and other services to fans. If you were to make up for what we lose, we might could find some web services to our databases or transfer the whole database (SQL Server) to you.

22. How reliable are your systems?
We have tried to make our systems modular and scalable. They are hosted on computers in the best data centers with 24 X 7 X 365 support. Full power backup, hardware tolerance, cloud computing that scales to any level of load, one hour hardware repair or replacement, etc. We can't claim that our systems will never go down, but we are using the most fault tolerant systems available. Most people quote a 99 point something uptime.

Reading through other parts of our website will give you a more complete idea of how arenas, fans, and sponsors work together. We also suggest that you look through samples of different teams to get some ideas of what you can do.

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