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Our advantages over traditional card stunts are remarkable:

  • Our cost per seat is a fraction of what you have been paying
  • No long lead times - easy to change every week
  • Easy to cover most of the stadium instead of just a few sections
  • No shipping
  • No army of setup and coordination people
  • Don't have to tape a specific card to tens of thousands of seats
  • You can create text for an event in minutes, not weeks.
  • No complicated instructions, coordination, and cueing
  • Your fans don't have to do any work - just sit there and look pretty
  • No huge mess of paper, cardboard, plastic, and tape to clean up
  • Does not obstruct the view of attendees
  • Displayed for hours instead of seconds
  • An event can happen at one game - and you congratulate someone or some team at the next event.
  • We are developing alternatives for night lights, light shows, multiple colors, changing text and more
  • Generates multiple streams of revenue for your team

After creating the text and graphics for an event in your colors, there are two main ways to use our system.

First, some teams can tell their fans what color to wear to a game - and their fans show up in that color. In this case, we design the text and graphics using only your team colors. Then you ask your fans to go to our website, enter their section, row, and seat. We return their Game Day Color™ that they wear to the game. Your fans wear a shirt they already bought from you. Fans not having the correct colored shirt buy a new shirt from you.

Second, other teams prefer to hand out free shirts to the fans. In this case we can tell you which seats get which colored shirt, how many shirts of each color you need, etc. Then you have two options. (1) You can place a shirt on each seat or (2) you can have tables placed at the entrances, bar code readers read the section, row, and seat from each person's ticket, a color is returned, and then a colored shirt is handed to each person.

Third, is a combination of the first two. Most of the arena or stadium is done in your team colors. A corporation sponsors some sections of your stadium to display their name, logo or slogan in the company colors and hands out free shirts to those sections.

Sound too good to be true? Contact us for a free demo and we will glad to show you these advantages and answer your questions.

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Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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