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About Arena Text & Graphics

We were just a couple of guys sitting around watching sports - and we noticed all the crazy fans. Fans in body paint, with letters on their bodies, spelling out things. Crazy costumes. All the signs that fans hold up. Jumbotrons. Seems like everyone has a message they are trying to get out.

Group cheers. The wave. Card stunts. All the fans wearing the same color. Fans want to collaborate.

Put the two ideas together and what do you have? Help fans collaborate to display text and graphics so they can send messages.

Throw in some computers to automate most of the work and to tie into the computers and cell phones that we all use on a daily basis - and you have Arena Text & Graphics.

Fans can send messages to current players, to their opponents, and honor former players.  Coaches can send messages to their players and to fans. 

Teams can use this technology to generate revenue while improving the fans game day experience.

We think that our ideas will apply to all types of events. From 500 seat stadiums to 100,000 seat stadiums. Most sports, concerts, conventions, and other gatherings can use our technology.

We provide a quick and easy way for corporations and organizations to display their logo, name, slogan, or other powerful message and take pictures. Now - some event can happen - and text or graphics can be generated and performed in real time. 

Problem is - our research indicates this means - hundreds of thousands of arenas and stadiums, millions of events and hundreds of millions of fans - each year. One day, we'd like to be able to help all fans get more out of their event experience. But for a startup, that task is too huge.

Our Patent(s) Pending

Most technology can be copied in months. So high tech companies have to jump into the market - ready or not - and just go, full throttle. If their product is successful - their execution becomes very sloppy because they are over whelmed. But they have no choice - they have to capture market share before everyone else copies their idea and catches up. By patenting our ideas, it allows us to grow more slowly and reasonably. We can concentrate more on quality than market share.

Venture capital backed companies that are not wildly successful - right from the start - can be shutdown in just the first year or two. A good idea can be easily squashed.

We don't have to worry about satisfying some capital investors - just our customers - the teams and fans.

Our Initial Plan

First, we want to shake down our systems, processes, and business models so our plan is to start out very simple:

  1. Only work with the largest arenas / stadiums in each sport
  2. Only display text, solid colors, patterns, and graphics.

Future Years

We hope to expand to all types, and sizes, of events.  We will be adding new special effects each year. 

Conceptual art of ideas that can be done in arenas:

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