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Your Arenas and Stadiums

Displaying Your Text and Graphics

In Your Colors

Using Your Shirts!

Arena Text & Graphics allows fans to display text and graphics throughout the stadium using nothing more than the shirts they wear. People have been displaying text and graphics for years using card stunts. Instead of having to design, wait, print, ship, setup with an army of people, coordinate, and cleanup all that mess - we came up with a better solution.

Display text, graphics, patterns, logos, flags, slogans, etc. - as big as the stadium. Visible from space. You can send messages to coaches, players, former players, your opponent, your conference, anyone.  Fans become a part of the message. All fans have to do is wear a shirt in one of the team's colors.

After a one time configuration of your stadium, our systems can quickly create a stadium full of text and graphics in your team's colors and then the Game Day Color™ each person wears to the game is available immediately.

Arena Text & Graphics
Arena Text and Graphics
Arena Text & Graphics

Conceptual art of text & graphics in arenas:

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